Professional Advice – Insurance Protection / Coverage

Marine insurance in Singapore plays a crucial role in the nation's commercial sector, protecting businesses engaged in maritime trade.

GPS take on comprehensive freight insurance which include protection for all our shipments against damage, theft or loss and will covers all the items during the transit at sea, air or land.

Marine Cargo insurance in Singapore provides financial protection against various risks such as natural disasters, accidents, and piracy. It ensures that businesses can recover from unexpected losses and supply chain disruptions.

This is an additional option that is available for our prestigious client and this is highly recommended for valuable or fragile items.

Scope of Services

  • Insurance Consulting, Audits and Tenders
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Claims Settlements
  • Underwriting Surveys (MSIG, HSBC & others)
  • Customized Insurance Programs (Open booked coverage)

Products offered

  • Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Marine Bulk Cargo Insurance
  • Bulk Oil Insurance
  • Towing Risk
  • Inland Transit Insurance
  • Fire & Storage Insurance
  • Other Commercial Insurance

Insurance plays a crucial role in Singapore's dynamic commercial landscape, giving businesses the assurance and protection necessary to prosper in an evolving global market.