Cargo Insurance Management Services in Singapore



Project management offer its best solution.

Nothing is too huge to transport.

Cargo Insurance Is essential for protecting valuable project cargo during transit.

Projects and over-sized cargoes are our expertise. We are specialised in handling projects and over-sized cargoes by providing tailored solutions to meet our customers' requirements. With the experiences and knowledge, we are here to assist you in every manner from the pick up of the cargo right up to the delivery to your buyer's door.

The GPS Organization is one of the internationally operating transport and logistic providers offering sophisticated logistics monitoring up to jobsite.

Cargo tracking systems enable real-time monitoring of project cargo movements, offering stakeholders visibility and control over their shipments during transportation

Quality services have always been a top priority at GPS. The achievement of accreditation is our continuous commitment to guaranteeing optimum quality. GPS have been magnitude to simultaneously be one of the Small and Medium Enterprising companies which had core business around the WORLD.

Project Management Support:

Project managers oversee all aspects, from the initial assessment and route planning to customs clearance and final delivery, ensuring deadlines are met and risks are minimized.

They offer transparent communication, real-time tracking, and proactive problem-solving to tackle any challenges.

  • Project Planning
  • BProject Studies
  • Project Cost Budgets
  • Resource Allocation
  • Roll-on and Roll-off Services
  • Heavy Lift Vessels
  • Project Liaison with subcontractors, warranty Surveyors, etc.
  • Project Tracking and Monitoring
  • Chartering & brokerage of vessel
  • Conventional and Breakbulk Services
  • Landing Craft and Tug & Barge
  • Floating Crane & Stevedored

Milestone of Project Handles - Across the 7 continents we handle:

  • Entire railway track (Belgium)
  • 98Tons Winch (Indonesia)
  • Tower Crane & Mast (Shenzhen)
  • Filter (USA), Floating Hotel
  • Pressing Machine (Wuhan, China)
  • Genset of 40tons (UK)
  • PCrawler Crane 150tons, (Chittagong) Dismantled
  • Excavator 100tons (UAE)
  • Control Panel & Cables (Shanghai)
  • Charter 180ft tug (Indonesia)
  • Fenders using flat rack (USA)
  • Generator / Compressor set (Jakarta)
  • Excavator (Colombo)
  • 6 Tons machine (Austria)

Planning and Procedures:

  • Job Safety Analyses
  • Lifting Plans and Procedures
  • Transportation Plans and Procedures (Trailer and Skidding)
  • Barge Ballasting Plans and Procedures
  • Cargo Re-orientation
  • Towage Plans
  • Transportation Route Planning

Engineering and Design:

  • Module Design
  • Lifting Frame and Spreader Design
  • Grillage and Stool Design
  • Lifting Gear and Lifting Point Design
  • Transportation Fastenings/Tie Downs
  • Rigging Design and Clash Checks
  • Trailer Stability and Strength Review
  • Ground Bearing Pressure Review
  • Weighing Studies and Procedures
  • Weight and CoG Calculations
  • Link Bridges / Skid Shoes and Track Design

Marine Aspects:

  • Marine Aspects:
  • Stability
  • Longitudinal Strength
  • Local Strength
  • Mooring Design and Analysis
  • Towing Requirements
  • Barge Ballasting Calculations

On-Site Supervision:

  • Site Coordination
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Lifting Team/Supervisor
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits

Project Cargo Services in Singapore provides specialized solutions such as cargo insurance, tracking systems, management expertise, and infrastructure capabilities to ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable transportation of oversized and heavy shipments.